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Stakeholder Management for IT and Web Design Projects

For a successful IT or web design project, quality stakeholder management is imperative. It can mean saving time, money, and headaches. Without it, your tech project could be doomed from the start.

What Is a Stakeholder?

A genuine relationship between you and your project stakeholders will set you up for victory. But what is a stakeholder in the first place? Understanding this will get you off on the right foot.

A stakeholder is an individual or group that is involved within a company or project. The success of, or lack thereof, a company or project impacts them.

Most people know that stakeholders invest their money into projects, which helps fund them. But, they help projects in other ways too. They can manage projects, provide employees or labor, or supply equipment etc.

In a typical IT or web design/development project stakeholders will be vendors, system administrators, software engineers, QAs, designers, project managers, product managers, marketing, finance, data, business, cybersecurity, and operations people, customer support, company leadership, and many other people, possibly, even whole departments.

A project’s stakeholders always have an interest in the project itself and their views and ideas can be very beneficial. What they have to say could enhance your project and guarantee success.

A significant role for stakeholders is to aid in the development of a project. Especially in IT and web design projects, a stakeholder may request certain features or requirements. They could be a customer and be able to pinpoint specific needs, too.

Improve Your Stakeholder Management

Strong stakeholder management over projects will help keep everything tied together. It creates a robust foundation for success. Of course, another major contributing factor to a project’s success is the people working on it. That’s why efficient stakeholder management for IT and web design projects is vital.

Here are the best 8 tips for better stakeholder management. By implementing some of these in your daily management routine, success will follow.

1. Identify Stakeholders

When starting your path towards improved management over your stakeholders, it is wise to identify them first. This may seem obvious, but it’s a fact that’s overlooked.

Take a look at all of your stakeholders. Take note of which individuals or organizations will be affected by your decisions. Who do you need to take into consideration? By doing this, you will be able to guide your project while keeping key stakeholders satisfied.

Identifying your project’s stakeholders will help you better manage your prioritization too. You will become aware of who has more influence and who is more impacted. This knowledge and understanding will keep your choices in check.

2. Keep Them Informed

Because your stakeholders are invested and interested in your project, keeping them updated is essential. It will ensure they feel included in the process, as they should be. These updates can prevent any misunderstandings or uncertainty among the stakeholders.

You can choose to inform your stakeholders with status updates or newsletters. In-person meetings are an option too. The way you deliver new details may vary by stakeholder. Provide updates as you see fit – perhaps weekly, monthly, or within a different schedule.

3. Keep an Open Mind

A big part of stakeholder management for IT and web design projects is keeping an open mind. Your stakeholders may make particular requests. They may share ideas that you or your team haven’t considered.

It’s your project, and maybe you already know what you want for it. But your stakeholders are invested as well. Their feedback is invaluable and may serve to benefit your project.

4. Let the Expert Present

When it comes to IT and web design projects, the senior designer or developer should present information to stakeholders. After all, they are the expert in the field. Let them take care of the job.

With the lead designer or developer explaining, the project’s details will be better understood. There won’t be any misunderstandings or miscommunications. They can also better explain any technical aspects.

5. Acknowledge Any Commentary

As mentioned, you must listen to what your stakeholders have to say. Their input is valuable. That’s why you need to acknowledge and sometimes even implement it.

Accept negative criticism. It is challenging, but it’s part of better stakeholder management for IT and web design projects. Don’t let negative opinions affect you as a person. Remember: it only pertains to the project.

6. Communication is Key

The saying, “Communication is key,” has stuck around for a reason: it’s true! Always openly communicate with your stakeholders for IT and web design projects. Not only will it further the stakeholders’ feelings of involvement, but it will also build your relationship with them.

Always be transparent with your stakeholders. Don’t hide anything from them. By being upfront about everything – good and bad – your stakeholders will know you are trustworthy. It can avoid problems in the future as well.

7. Maintain a Good Relationship with Stakeholders

To effectively manage your stakeholders, you need a positive relationship with them. Keeping things polite is the perfect start. Maintaining their satisfaction will keep them engaged when collaborating.

Take any disagreements with a grain of salt. If you and your stakeholders have differing opinions or ideas for the project, don’t react poorly. Respect their thoughts and reconsider them with a clear head.

8. Provide Training at the Project’s End

As you have read, quality stakeholder management on projects includes regular updates. It promotes a feeling of involvement, so they’ll stay interested. Continue keeping them in the loop throughout the entire project.

When the IT or web design project is complete, train the stakeholders on using the software or website. Remember: they invested time and possibly money into it, and they are part of your target audience. They must understand how to use it.

Follow the Path to Success

By remembering these practical tips, you can ensure that your stakeholder management for IT and web design projects is superior. Effective communication and an open mind can go a long way.

Your stakeholders will be happy, so your project will be much more likely to succeed. So long as you maintain a positive relationship, your stakeholders can build further support for you within their network.


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