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cComptia security plus exam tips

CompTIA Security+ exam – my experience and prep tips

After weeks of prep, I finally took my Comptia Security+ SY0-501 exam this fall and, even though I thought I’m 100% failing, I passed with a surprisingly good result. Never give up, guys, and read on to learn more about the learning resources and prep tips. It’s going to be a nice and quick overview of all the things that worked for me and a couple of strategies that may help you be more effective in your efforts.

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Website security checklist – a complete guide on protecting your website or web app

If you’re taking your website or web app security seriously having strong and reliable processes and workflows is essential. Here’s an extensive and concise website security checklist that covers most critical aspects from identity and access management to CDNs and firewalls. I hope you find it helpful and it helps you create effective and well-structured security processes and procedures. Software and dependencies: Keep all your IT systems patched and up to date (servers, CMS, frameworks, libraries, modules/plugins, 3rd party tools, services, etc.). If you have… Read More »Website security checklist – a complete guide on protecting your website or web app

Password management and sharing with 1Password

Password managers such as 1Password provide numerous benefits and features while reducing risks, simplifying a lot of processes, and improving our online experience. Moreover, they make us less vulnerable to cyberattacks while improving operational efficiency and collaboration. Key benefits include secure password storage, access, and sharing; ease of use on various browsers, devices, and operating systems; enforcing best practices such as using complex unique passwords that you don’t have to remember; multifactor authentication options; strong password generation and more. 

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Security tips and recommendations for remote teams

In today’s world being an effective remote worker is a must for many professions. Working from home or while traveling can be both challenging and rewarding, however, we don’t always realize that such freedom comes at the price. Often times we, as remote workers, put ourselves and our employers at risk because of the severe liability of potential damages through data losses and security breaches. As remote workers are usually the first to face security threats or cause network security incidents. Here’s a quick guide… Read More »Security tips and recommendations for remote teams