Demystifying Tech

Demystifying cookies. What they can and can not do.

Tracking cookies are receiving tremendous attention these days, and we are constantly seeing those “This website uses cookies” messages and alerts all over the Internet. That is happening mostly due to the new laws and policies, as well as privacy and security concerns. However, cookies are not inherently harmful and they can actually significantly improve user experience on today’s web. So let’s stop feeling paranoid and see what they are and what they can and can not do. What they are Cookies are little pieces… Read More »Demystifying cookies. What they can and can not do.


Configuring DNS for email. Best practices for mail delivery and spam protection.

Email is a primary communication method one of the most important customer retention and acquisition channels for many companies getting. At the same time, it is oftentimes a primary source of the attacks. Because of this, the success of your marketing campaigns is very dependent on deliverability rates and proper configuration of the mail server and domain name servers. This article will explain the basic configuration and best practices for email DNS settings. DNS settings can be pretty complex and confusing for many people, especially… Read More »Configuring DNS for email. Best practices for mail delivery and spam protection.


Technical guide to Drupal SEO

Search engine optimization can mean many things, and for Drupal-based websites many of those things require technical expertise and skills as well as knowledge of some Drupal-specific caveats which marketing people are often not aware of. As I work with Drupal every day, and our company focuses on organic traffic growth, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of years researching and experimenting with various ways of making Drupal sites SEO friendly. I finally realized that I actually should put together a… Read More »Technical guide to Drupal SEO