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IT web stakeholder management

Stakeholder Management for IT and Web Design Projects

For a successful IT or web design project, quality stakeholder management is imperative. It can mean saving time, money, and headaches. Without it, your tech project could be doomed from the start. What Is a Stakeholder? A genuine relationship between you and your project stakeholders will set you up for victory. But what is a stakeholder in the first place? Understanding this will get you off on the right foot. A stakeholder is an individual or group that is involved within a company or project.… Read More »Stakeholder Management for IT and Web Design Projects

Password management and sharing with 1Password

Password managers such as 1Password provide numerous benefits and features while reducing risks, simplifying a lot of processes, and improving our online experience. Moreover, they make us less vulnerable to cyberattacks while improving operational efficiency and collaboration. Key benefits include secure password storage, access, and sharing; ease of use on various browsers, devices, and operating systems; enforcing best practices such as using complex unique passwords that you don’t have to remember; multifactor authentication options; strong password generation and more. 

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