Top 10 Logo Maker Sites for Non-Designers and New Businesses

If you are going into business for yourself, then you will need a logo. A logo will help represent yourself and your brand to potential clients. Logos are also useful for standing out against competitors.

The Solution: Logo Maker Sites for Non-Designers

But what if you don’t know how to design a logo? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have design skills. Some people just don’t have the time to create the perfect logo.

Nowadays, this problem is solved with online logo maker sites for non-designers. Tools and software with templates, AI, and premade icons are accessible with ease. These resources cut time and stress from logo design.

A quick online search will tell you that there are countless logo-making sites available. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose. To make it easier, we have taken care of the research.

Here are 10 of the best logo maker sites and logo generators to get you started!

Some sites are free, while others are paid or subscription services. You’re guaranteed to find one that meets your needs.

1. Canva

One of the most popular logo design sites among marketing teams and small business owners alike is Canva. This site offers free and paid templates for users to choose from.

Customizing fonts, colors, and more is a breeze. The templates often include drag-and-drop logo elements too. Once you’re finished, Canva allows users to download their logos for free in formats like PNG or PDF.

2. Logaster

Are you looking for a standard and easy logo maker? If so, Logaster is the choice for you. This site relies on a giant database of logos for users to generate designs from.

Users can browse through the logos before choosing one. Each logo is customizable, so you can change the colors, add in your business’s name, or even add a slogan. For $19.99, you can get a basic rasterized logo file. $49.99 entails a wide range of file formats and different logo layout selections.

3. Brandmark

One of the more simple yet still powerful logo maker sites for non-designers is Brandmark. The user’s brand’s keywords and four color selections help generate a handful of logo designs. The autogenerated designs are attractive and consistent.

Spending $25 earns you a PNG of your logo as it is. But, $65 will get you tools to customize the design and more downloadable file formats. You will also get a brand identity package with items like business card and letterhead designs.

4. Ucraft

Choose a site that can do both – Ucraft makes logos and websites. Their icon library includes at least a million designs to choose from. Web templates make for easy and fast web design.

This logo maker for non-designers uses a drag-and-drop system. Users can drag and drop different elements to build their logo. Fonts and colors are customizable. When you are finished, you can download your design as a PNG for free.

5. LogoMakr

If you’re familiar with illustration software, you may be comfortable with LogoMakr. The interface takes some to get used to, but you’ll soon be designing a beautiful logo. There is a whole library filled with icons to customize. Users can also try their hand at designing logos from scratch.

LogoMakr allows users to download their logos for free in low-resolution. If you need your logo in high quality, it will cost $19. This price includes a variety of file formats, like SVG and PDF.

6. Logoshi

A fun logo making site is Logoshi. With this designer, users can either generate a predesigned logo or sketch a custom one. By uploading your own design, this logo maker will create an actual logo for you almost instantly.

The logo generator is simple to use. It generates a logo based on a user’s inputs. Before designing, the site asks users to input their company name and slogan and select a color.

7. TailorBrands

One of the more unique logo maker sites for non-designers on the web today is TailorBrands. Utilizing AI technology, this site generates unique logos based on users’ needs.

After creating a logo, TailorBrands can also come up with an entire brand identity. This can include media items like ads or social media posts. This feature and a high-resolution file of your logo are available for a premium subscription. The free plan includes a free, downloadable low-resolution logo file.

8. Looka (Logojoy)

Looka, formerly known as Logojoy, is another logo maker for non-designers that uses AI. When the user inputs their brand name, this site generates many logos to choose from. After choosing five favorites, you’ll choose color palettes and other design elements.

After making your selections, Looka’s AI figures out what designs best suit your business. Then, you can further customize the design that you like best. If you spend $20, you’ll get a low-resolution file to download. Spend $65 for high-resolution file formats

9. Squarespace Logo Maker

This logo maker is another inclusive one. Squarespace provides a logo maker in addition to their well-known website builder. Their library offers many different icons to choose from and customize.

Users can start the design process by inputting their business name. From here, Squarespace will autogenerate some icons that may meet your brand’s needs. Logos can be downloaded for free under resolutions of 5000px.

10. GraphicSprings Logo Maker

If you need a speedy logo maker, then GraphicSprings Logo Maker is the one for you. This logo maker has a drag-and-drop function for users to add and move elements on their design. Users can download their logos in a variety of formats, like JPG and SVG.

To get started, users enter their industry and business type. From there, customizing the logo is an easy process. A general logo design costs $20. For a business logo, GraphicSprings charges $150.

Get Started Designing Logos

As you have read, there are many online logo maker sites for non-designers. Paid versions often include high-resolution file formats or brand kit extras. However, free sites work just as well too. Almost all of them are pretty easy to get started with.

Now you can create a logo of your own. Excessive amounts of time and design skills aren’t necessary. You can design a beautiful logo that will set your business apart from the others.


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