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Mailchimp signup form using Genesis eNews Extended plugin – 3 different ways

This post will guide you through the steps of configuring an eNews Extended widget on your WordPress site and connecting it to MailChimp. Setting up such integration will help you effectively grow and maintain your subscribers list, and having different configuration and self-selection options will provide better flexibility in creating targeted interest groups and email campaigns based on your audience interests.

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Security tips and recommendations for remote teams

In today’s world being an effective remote worker is a must for many professions. Working from home or while traveling can be both challenging and rewarding, however, we don’t always realize that such freedom comes at the price. Often times we, as remote workers, put ourselves and our employers at risk because of the severe liability of potential damages through data losses and security breaches. As remote workers are usually the first to face security threats or cause network security incidents. Here’s a quick guide… Read More »Security tips and recommendations for remote teams

Demystifying cookies. What they can and can not do.

Tracking cookies are receiving tremendous attention these days, and we are constantly seeing those “This website uses cookies” messages and alerts all over the Internet. That is happening mostly due to the new laws and policies, as well as privacy and security concerns. However, cookies are not inherently harmful and they can actually significantly improve user experience on today’s web. So let’s stop feeling paranoid and see what they are and what they can and can not do. What they are Cookies are little pieces… Read More »Demystifying cookies. What they can and can not do.

50 easy to use design tools and resources

From nice looking website and mobile screenshots to artboards and landing page designs – all these tasks can be super hard and time consuming for non-designers and beginners. Below is the list of online tools and services that will make your life easier and will help you draft professional-looking visuals for your website, presentations and social media without spending too much time and money.